The consultants at Bonilla y Asociados have vast experience in economic and financial consulting. Some examples of recent work are::

Below are examples of some of the matters recently addressed by the firm's consultants:

• Evaluation of the Emerging Exchange project for Fundacion Emprender (Enterpreneurship Foundation);
• A financial model of the East America Vespucio Road Concessionaire;
• An estimation of the damages involved in the Cascade Case, requested by AFP Capital;
• An economic analysis of the tender offer of the affiliate base of pension fund managers, for the Association of Pension Fund Managers of Chile;
• A study on SME financing in three Latin American countries at the request of the Inter-American Development Bank (in process);
• A study of customs duties evasion in imports and special suspended-duty regimes, requested by the Undersecretary of Finance of Chile (in process);
• A review of the valuation, forecasting of demand and sizing of mid-sized power systems for the National Energy Commission of Chile (in process);
• A study and proposals on improving the efficiency of foreign trade, requested by the National Chamber of Commerce (in process);
• A study of the leasing market in Bolivia, requested by the Inter-American Development Bank;
• An actuarial study to determine the damage to the retirement savings of government-employed affiliates, for the Association of Pension Fund Managers of Chile;
• A study on the economic impacts of an increase in the de-minimis value in Chile, requested by the Chilean Postal Service and ATREX A.G.;
• A study of the costs of power distribution companies in Chile, for the Electricity and Fuels Commission of Chile;
• A study on the design of an optimal contract for Corfo's funding agents, requested by Corfo (Production Development Association of Chile);
• An impact assessment of the Guaranteed Health Care Bond of the National Health Fund (FONASA), requested by the Budget Office (Dipres);
• A study on the effectiveness of the seed capital program of the Technical Cooperation Service (SERCOTEC), at the request of the Inter-American Development Bank;
• An opinion in a lawsuit between a power generation company and an insurance consortium, requested by Acuña y Asociados Abogados.